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Beat bank and competitor rates

Simple, safe and secure

Australian owned & ASIC regulated

What We Offer

Forex Worldwide is A cheaper better way to send your money worldwide...

We convert your money into 40+ currencies...

We transfer to over 100+ countries...

Australian owned... 

ASIC Regulated...



At Forex Worldwide, we value the importance of a quality education for our children and family.  It is often said that travel is the best education you can get, however, combining travel with overseas study can be a fascinating and exciting way to see the world and learn at the same time.

​Studying overseas not only allows our children to study at some of the best educational institutions in the world, but it means that tuition fees, housing and general expenses need to be paid in the local currency.

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Many entertainers such as actors, singers, sports people and comedians who travel the world to ply their craft receive their earnings in multiple currencies.

Not only that, when travelling abroad they need to pay expenses in the local currency of where they live.



Having to move overseas can be expensive so getting the best deal for transferring your money internationally is paramount.

At Forex Worldwide, we cannot help you with the logistics of your move, however, we can make your international money transfer an easy and cost-effective process.

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For anyone that has taken out a mortgage on a foreign property they are only too aware of how expensive regular mortgage repayments in a different currency to their overseas lender can be.

With Forex Worldwide, you can set up a regular international money transfer and fix the best exchange rate with Forex Worldwide.

Forex Worldwide can provide general advice on managing your foreign exchange exposure on your mortgage payments by locking in your future exchange rate payments at a pre-determined rate.


Savings & Pensions

People that are paid a pension in one country but live or take extended holidays abroad might need to use an international money transfer to get access to their cash while they’re away.

At Forex Worldwide, we take away the agony of having to deal with receiving these payments on a regular occurrence.

The Forex Worldwide exchange rates not only beat the banks rates to help you make the most of what you have put in over the years, they make the whole process easy, safe and secure.



When operating in a global environment, the need to pay for taxes and fees becomes a part of life.

Taxes may be levied unexpectedly or a miscalculated tax obligation may need to be paid hastily.

Whatever the tax or fee that needs to be paid, either expected or not, Forex Worldwide can help you make these international payments quickly, cost effectively and importantly securely.

Ways to Send Money

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Online Portal

Forex Worldwide clients can log in to the secure online portal 24/7.

Log in using your unique username and password.


When you want to make an FX transfer, simply select the currency you're selling and buying, enter the amount, fill in the beneficiary's bank details and purpose of the payment.


Staff Assisted

Telephone to speak to one of our dealers on 03 9008 1880.

Send an email to

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Forex Worldwide Support

Need help with your Foreign Exchange transactions?

We're here to help.


Speak to a person in Australia or, if you like, contact us online or via live support chat.

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